About Us

In 2006, the opportunity arose for the Gragg family to start their own business, and Gragg Electrical Services LLC was born.

Starting as just a one-man crew, Brandon Gragg, an electrical contractor, gained his customers’ confidence through his attention to detail and quality work. This resulted in more work and a growing workforce.

Family Run: In the early years, Brandon recruited his own father as a co-worker. As their workload increased, they were fortunate to attract other quality and experienced Electricians.

As a result, the trusted name of Gragg Electrical Services spread.

Today, we’re a mid-sized, family-owned company that simply enjoys doing what we do. We love interacting with people, and we enjoy solving the many problems that we encounter in the electrical contracting field, Home or Business.

Our future hope is one day to pass this business on to the next generation of our family with the hopes that they will share the same love for people and the same passion for what they do that we have.

We would love to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to look into our company, and we look forward to seeing how we might serve you in meeting your electrical needs
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